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The people have a First Amendment right to petition for correction:

  • People protested the erosion of constitutional protections for the people;

  • When U.S. government refused rights of the people, a Continental Congress was held;

  • Federal government rejected the petitions of the People's Congress in conflict with its duty;

  • The courts refused to hear the people's case, evoking constitutional jeopardy (catastrophic).

The people have Tenth Amendment reserved powers to correct this oversight (gov't has no say):

  • People established the first Federal Recall, according to George Washington's process;

  • A governmental agency (Will of the People) was established to enforce laws of the people.


*It's inaccurate to say federal government has supreme authority, how Senate has sole impeachment powers, or that recalls are not in the Articles of the Constitution.  10th Amendment consent powers modify delegated federal authority to nullify a presidency!  Oh, YES We Can!  And, updated Amendments!

Check out Lien SummaryImpeachment Trial for details.

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Will of the People taken back, taking back, do alter or abolish federal government for corrupt rule, agency obstruction, destructive government. Federal authority power is revoked by order of declaration & federal recall 1787, dc sanctions. Stephen L Rush.


Regis Ab Ex Virtute Sumunt.

Nec Regibus Infinita Aut Libera Potestas.


 "They choose their kings, and their power is not arbitrary."

Commentary on Saxon Aengla-land (England), likely from Tacitus


      Going On Now

Revolution 2.0

  What the founding fathers fought to protect

Contribute to your rights, Because Your Rights Matter.


Click on "#NullifyTrump" for steps taken to secure democracy and view the Amended Petition.

Aug. 12, 2016&»&Sep. 29, 2017

The People file Lien & foreclose on full faith & credit of U.S. based on Thomas Jefferson's process.

Oct. 13, 2015

Will of the People Const'l Auth begins Impeachment process following public notices revoking federal authority per Declaration

Sep. 9, 2014

Will of the People Const'l Auth orders federal officials to vacate offices per Inquiry & dossier

Sep. 20, 2013

Constitutionally Ordered Federal Recall Election sets Jan 14 vote using G. Washington's method

July 2 - 4, 2012

99% Declaration hosted

Continental Congress 2.0 with over 800 delegates participating

Sep. 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street began

Sep. 2, 2004

Tea Party began



Federal Hwy Tailgate BBQ



Ask employer to max allowances so withheld taxes are not sent to a constitutionally unauthorized gov't


Tuesday Townhalls to inform on reserved federal powers of the people in Tenth Amendment


Invite friends to watch & write on the Economic State of the Union


Clip and wear the letter 'F' to let colleagues know how gov't failed

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Your civil liberties matter. This is Stephen L. Rush's Economic State of the Union.
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We The People.

It is Our Heritage, Our Right, Our Fight  ~  For Freedom.

Because YOUR Civil Liberties Matter!

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