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Here are our broadcasts and featurettes on the falling of the U.S. government happening now.

About Us


A little about us:  Looking for more information on who we are, and what we are about?  We have that here.  Because your liberties matter!


A little about what we do:  Looking for the people's Impeachment Trial of all three branches of federal government, Lien on Full Faith and Credit of the United States to compel government, and AmendmentsClick here!


Our media content:  Prefer videos? Click here to see what we believe in a video short.  Your Liberties Matter T-shirtClick this.

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About Us
Economic Video


The first 13 minutes are dedicated to the people's rights, protections, purview, power in the Constitution followed by exacting analysis and astounding direction hard-won by the Continental Congress 2.0 for new political tools that restore civil liberties and the fortunes of the people*.

The full length speech encapsulizes where the United States is, and how we got to this point – both politically and economically.  Reaganesque in style, centrist (non-partisan) in policy, populist issues.  Speaker: Stephen L. Rush.  Broadcast: October 8, 2014.


Never Happened Before


Did you realize a democracy has never affirmed its Constitution to protect the rights of the people, like this?  The people have not ever evoked the Tenth Amendment to use their reserved federal powers until now.  New!  Petition to "Nullify Trump's Presidency".


Be part of our cause:  Flood Congress with your calls & email.  Click here.

This is new, and extraordinary!  Click here for our blog.  Comment using your favorite social media, so you can be a part of history*.


*See Get To page for details

Will of the People agency. 40 pages of Constitutonal Amendments for good government, plus economic, social and cultural equity. Cuz your liberties matter.
We The People. It is Our Heritage, Our Right, Our Fight ~ For Freedom. Because your civil liberties matter. Will of the People agency.
The Fall Is Here


New Wanna read how federal government was impeached and a lien placed on the United States?  What for?  Click on Your Rights.


The impeachment is based on this cause: "Declaration of the People" and "Inquiry Into The Removal Of Federal Officials & Powers".  Check out our E-books on the Fall: "Economic Sanctions on Washington" and "Determination Proclamation".


Do you want to receive updates on how the U.S. government is "falling"?  Be sure to let us know you wish to be on our mailing list.  We even have "Because Your Liberties Matter" T-shirts!  (Click here for information.)


We The People.

It is Our Heritage, Our Right, Our Fight  ~  For Freedom.

Because YOUR Civil Liberties Matter!

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