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The U.S. government has been defeated by law, and now must be restored by the people.


Here is your opportunity to do something that will

Impact The Nation!


This is your opportunity to be a part of history.


There are many ways to serve and volunteer,

from hosting Tailgate BBQ's to standing up as a modern voice.

Ask for "Because Your Liberties Matter" T-shirt.


The people of Fergusson, MO had the idea they could host a tailgate party on the I70 to protest a slain local resident.  This idea works because the federal government supplied militarized weapons to local law enforcement.  But, it would be better to protest the oppression imposed on citizens everywhere - Will of the People style!  Contact us for details.


Think you know so much?  You can host a Tuesday Townhall and tell everyone in your community what you've come to understand about the Constitution, share our story, and how government will fall.


Tell us what to do!  Bloggers and sponsors may contribute content on our E-log page.  Contact us for info.


Tired of paying taxes toward a gov't you cannot trust, but want to pay your fair share?  You can place taxes owed into a trust and pay the government after they are subject to the law of the Constitution.  Inform your human resources you wish to increase allowances on your W-2 Form to lower withholdings.  Then ask us for Bulletin 4-PPL at tax time.


Are you the kind of person that loves to logon social media and let all of your friends know about something exciting?  Enter our Wednesday's Web Write-up and show support.


Do you feel it is your patriotic duty to inform your colleagues on what's happening in our nation's government?  Ask your boss if you can wear a Friday Fall pin.


If you are interested in becoming part of our board, and feel like you would make a honorable member, then let us know about your outstanding character and desire to serve.


Online donations to keep winning the fight to take back our nation are being accepted below!


We The People. It is Our Heritage, Our Right, Our Fight ~ For Freedom. Because your civil liberties matter. Will of the People agency.
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Contributions made are in support of a Constitutional Federal Recall Election/ Impeachment of Unjust Federal Powers

*Will of the People is a fee-based agency.  All contributions to its fundraiser are for political action by a political action committee, even though its result may not include a political partisan agenda.  Agency Number ID on file.  Not FPCC member.

To: Our Director

(See Media Contact)

facebook: willofthepeoplegov

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We The People.

It is Our Heritage, Our Right, Our Fight  ~  For Freedom.

Because YOUR Civil Liberties Matter!

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