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Declaration of the People

Because Your Rights Matter

            The federal government has not executed true justice equitable opportunity.  The federal government has oppressed the people economically and acted against our beloved Constitution to benefit a few.  Outraged, people all over the nation have responded with demonstrations of their grief.  The federal government has refused to respond to the people in protest and petition, and have written laws to shield themselves from retribution, while expanding intimidation.  Something is very wrong.  This is not about bad laws; it goes well beyond that.  This modern Declaration is about bad government.


            The federal government has not executed true justice or shown a compelling duty to help everyone with equitable opportunity.  The federal government has oppressed seniors on limited income and children with special needs, the illegal residents inside our borders and the working poor, and have planned for malice upon the people against our beloved Constitution.  Outraged, people all over the nation have responded with demonstrations of their grief to no avail.  The federal government has refused to hear and respond to the words of the people in protest, petition, and Continental Congress (2012), and have written laws to shield representatives from complaint and retribution, while expanding the means for government to intimidate and control.  Something is very wrong when government fails to act after failing in their oath to protect and defend the order of law.  This is not about bad laws; it goes well beyond that.  This modern Declaration is about bad government and the assertion of the powers of the people to restore liberty.


Declaration of the People


This Declaration portends the restoration of all things back to the Constitution, re-establishing a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, an inalienable human right to alter any form of government that has become destructive and corrupt.

       The Declaration directs the American people to hold government to higher standards or “cast off” such government.  Now whether the Government is aware, even unknowingly or unintentionally, the same liberties abridged, denied and deprived in modern times were also central to the Declaration of Independence, whose reference is neither casual nor for show.  This government has committed the same atrocities: “repeated injuries and usurpations toward the direct establishment of an absolute tyranny over the people” as it is understood in great precedent:

   ◦   Our Government has been absent of solutions for the injustice forced upon its citizens for the wealth of a few, and has made itself scarce or otherwise occupied with items of lesser importance.  Our Government has refused to hear the suffrage of the individual and small groups, under the guise of one thinly veiled premise of representation, while ignoring the body and intent of the Constitution.  Our Government has equally engaged in the petty bickering of the political parties rather than address issues of pressing importance in the interest of the people.


      Our Government has left common persons without legal recourse or the material means to protect themselves from exposure and harm by corporate-led dangers.  Our Government has consorted and conspired with corporate advisors who disrespect our Constitution and refuse to acknowledge laws for the common good, who lobby against well-established rights and protections of law, without confiding in and consenting with those affected by such laws.


      Our Government has protected the formation of laws that solely benefit wealthy corporations, hiding behind mock committees and proceedings, having refused testimony and comments from the public at the threat of arrest.  Our Government has obstructed the administering of justice that would protect the consumer and the patient from corporate ill will and malformed deeds by its laws that restrict petition and suit.  Our Government has allowed corporations to plunder our cash, ravage our credit, steal our homes, and destroy the lives and dreams of this people.


      Our Government has refused to pass laws for equal accommodation or to uphold the rights of the people.  Our Government has taken away our most precious rights in secrecy or without contest, fundamentally altering our form of government, and in effect, abolishing our beloved Constitution.  Our Government has repeatedly dissolved the voice of the people by acts and laws that ignore or oppose the higher, natural and Constitutional granted rights.


      Our Government has abdicated reason, and has in every essence, prepared itself to declare war on its own citizens.  Our Government has incited insurrections and public outcry demonstrated in city squares across the nation and permitted retaliation against peaceful assemblies with brute force to dissuade the weak of heart.


      Our Government has imposed laws that bring harm upon its citizens for that which is fitting only for treasonous and unthinkable acts.  Our Government has imposed the use of the most ardent military force upon its citizens in time of domestic peace without respect for law or cause.  Our Government has endeavored without cause or legal basis to restrict or prevent the population from migrating privately.


      Our Government has imposed economic conditions that hinder the ability to purchase homes and establish credit.  Our Government has created laws that penalize an already over-taxed society, and has taken taxes from the poor to line the pockets of the already independently wealthy.

       These crimes against higher law and the people have not existed in such concentration and collaboration since the United States was born.  This explains why the rules governing how to restrain a government acting in contempt of higher law and the people only exists in precedent as for what is inherent to the experience and writings of the Founding Fathers of this great nation.  For, as an extension of the right to seek redress for such grievances, and as the rightful inheritors of the authorship of the Declaration and the Constitution, the people therefore have the right to hold government liable and in contempt for acts and laws contrary to the Constitution and higher laws for authorized government, and as necessary and proper, having exhausted all other means, restore the government of the people to its seat of power.

       Federal officials must stop the invasive overthrow of the Constitution happening right now by their hand and consent.  They are subject to indictment of high crimes and treasonous acts, and either way, are no longer the government of the Constitution.  The people reign. 


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We The People.

It is Our Heritage, Our Right, Our Fight  ~  For Freedom.

Because YOUR Civil Liberties Matter!

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