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A Unique Circumstance

There is a provision in the Constitution for emergency change of power.  It's not an impeachment or for a medical or mental condition.  It's for breach of trust.

Annulment of a Presidency

Note: Though Donald J. Trump lost the 2020 to Joe Biden, Trump's presidency can still be nullified and each of its illegal acts and bad faith laws can be repealed.  Joe Biden is an unwitting party to a contested election.  Nullification takes precedent.  This can still happen.  (Click here to view Petition To Nullify Trump's Presidency)

This agency's goal to preserve the Constitution and exert the will of the people in this matter has not changed.  Though some aspects of this case have changed, the original premise remains and its grievance over the people has not been fully resolved - and cannot with current political tools.  The founding fathers and Constitution provided for this eventuality.

To preserve its historical nature, here is the original text of our plea to the public:

President Donald Trump refused to answer to charges of wrongdoing (obstruction) in the Mueller FBI investigation into election tampering (per Twitter account).  In addition, members of Trump's administration have called themselves the "Steady State", halting any illegal and unconstitutional acts 1.  Regardless of one's politics, President Trump doesn't want to play by the rule of law.  SOMEONE ON THE INSIDE CONFIRMED IT.  These are dangerous and impeachable.  Trump is obstructing the Justice Department's investigation into his own election, in effect, is no different in the eyes of the law to an admission of guilt.  And, Trump is acting AS A ROGUE NATION!  To not take action is enabling corruption AND acting for the overthrow of the U.S. and its Constitution!

The Cabinet has refused to invoke the 25th Amendment and declare Trump unfit for office.  And to impeach Trump, normally would have to wait for a majority in Congress, then wait for the House to hold a hearing to recommend impeaching to the Senate, then wait for the Senate hearing to convene and come to a decision – as much as a year from now!  Members of Trump's administration have stated they must be present to thwart his efforts.  Rogue acts on the part of this President are not some theoretical conspiracy rant...  WE MUST ACT TO PRESERVE OUR NATION!

We call for the removal of President Trump now by affirming this process of the people!!  (Nullification of Trump's presidency was declared in 2019 by will of the people, which precedes and supersedes the 2020 election and other legal course, and will have the effect of removing anyone sitting in the office at the time.)  What is that process?  It's like hitting the reset button and calling a do-over.  Simply, it's an Annulment of President Trump's illegal acts and installing a President by Recall.  There was already a legal process started.  So that corruption is not replaced by more corruption, our recall places a hold on the presidencyOur recall supersedes the line of succession.

(Technically a petition for grievance.  Not defined by statute or court but exists as possible application of higher law based on George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Declaration of Independence via Ninth and Tenth Amendments, as an extension of amendments First, Fourteenth and Twenty-fifth.)

Details are below.  Be sure to tell all your friends and call your U.S. Senator in support of our amended petition!

(In support of Recall-Levy and the winner of our recall, Stephen L. Rush to enforce 2012 Continental Congress grievances.  Not related to HRC PAC or Libertarian causes.)

#NullifyTrump   #NullifyTraitorTrump   #Annul45

Why This Is Important

We the people ask a member of Congress or Executive Branch affirm the recall on the office of President presented here for the removal and replacement of Donald Trump and annulment of his illegal acts by the cause and process described and defined herein.

Due to overreach and citizen spying, we took action for: organized street protests (2011), convened Continental Congress (2012), petition for inclusion in State of the Union and writ before the Supreme Court (2013), held recall election (per George Washington), revoked federal authority (per Declaration of Independence), impeached (per Tenth Amendment) and placed a lien on full faith and credit of the United States exercising fourth branch authority (per Thomas Jefferson).  It's not like we haven't been trying...

Now President Trump refuses Justice Dept questions on obstruction and is acting outside of powers in the U.S. Constitution for the destruction of due process.  The threat to the public exists and is confirmed by his own administration 1.  We have no choice but to determine that government is or has invoked deep state like conditions*, and we demand it come under our levy for emergency conditions (see definition below).  No other process is needed or desired.

We do not tolerate these abuses on the part of government.  Politicians ON BOTH SIDES have colluded for divisive politics to weaken the voice and rights of the people.  We raise our voice in unison with Tim Kelly, Sam Adams who took a stand and risked all for liberty, and we declare: NOT ANOTHER INCH ON OUR SOIL!!!

There is a petition to nullify Trump's presidency.  Call your representative in support.  It shows legal cause (click here for all docs).  (The original at* was abandoned in favor of a 75 page formal petition outlining Trump's grievous activities.  Click here to support.).  Documentation in support is available on our website (click here for proposed amendments to the Constitution).

(* See Notes.)

What Is A Recall For Levy (Annulment)

Robert Reich was gracious enough to blog recently that an annulment of the presidency is possible 2.  How can this be?  Amendments modify whatever precede it, and powers of the people modify any sole or supreme powers the government may have.  Rights not stated in the Constitution are included via the Ninth Amendment.  Powers of the people are authorized by the Tenth Amendment.  Rights and powers of the people defined in the Declaration are included by way of the Ninth and Tenth Amendment.  In paragraph 2 of the Declaration, the people have power to consent and delegate authority to the United States and its government or not, and to alter, or abolish if necessary, any or all government authorities when government acts "destructive" of rights and liberties.  (No amendment may void the higher law in the Declaration of Independence, because it is not part of the Constitution and cannot be amended.)

With that, the people believe they are in their founding constitutional right and authority to revoke (by consent) and re-delegate (as reserved powers) federal authority.  To levy the office of President, the following action has been taken:

  • to alter elections for the recall of federal officials (per George Washington) 3;

  • to impeach federal officers not in compliance (per revoked and re-delegated powers), and;

  • to place a lien on the full faith and credit of the United States by 4th branch powers (Thomas Jefferson) 4.

The term "levy" is borrowed from business law when an entity becomes insolvent and a new leader is appointed in trust of the ongoing business temporarily (per West's Business Law, Definitions of terms).  It is assumed John Adams was referring to a trustee with broad powers when he said "a monarch" could be installed to "protect life and liberty" 5.  When Adams used the term "monarch" with this phrase, he restricted the office of President Trustee for such purpose.  In this process, the faulted President is replaced by installing a new leader sought for by the people (see description below).

How It Works


The fundamental right of the people to alter destructive government has been shown historically to exist.  The people have petitioned, protested, and resisted in various forms.  But, how this right is used changes over time.  Realistically, the precise method is tailored to the circumstance by the legal process that defines it.  Here, the people have chosen to establish a federal recall and place a hold on the office of President for levy.


The founding fathers of the United States asserted their powers through the American Revolution.  Annulment of a President is an extension of those rights won.  Just as California was admitted to the union by a process that was people-led and differed from territorial limits placed by Congress, so too, this people-led annulment differs from an impeachment.  Annulment of the President may contain any or all of these elements and then be conducted as follows:

A.  The people conduct a recall election according to George Washington's method and levy per Thomas Jefferson's Mechanics Lien.  (If no recall or levy on the office is attempted, but an annulment petition is brought, the Speaker or Cabinet member may be appointed until a special election takes place);

B.  A member of Congress or the Executive branch affirms (accepts) the recall (Recall of 2014), and its contest (Levy on the office by Mechanic's Lien);

C.  The outgoing President is removed by order or warrant (per 25th Amendment judicial powers, varies by process);

     and, the incoming President is:

A.   Limited to the remainder of the term for President, extendable, two years maximum acting in the Trust of the People (limited authority);

B.   Limited to acts for removal of any grievances of the people (crimes by government), acts in equity (fairness), for the restoration of civil liberty (to the Constitution), and their preservation (as an extension of Bill of Rights);

C.   All three branches of government subject to change (brought by Impeachment), for the protection of life and liberty (in the revised Continental Congress petition), and for legal acts on the people's behalf (prescribed herein);

The President Trustee shall nullify unconscionable and unworthy acts of the preceding President to fulfill his office.  If the President Trustee during the emergency term is not impeached for any abuses of power, acts in which provoke the people, or failing to address this petition as directed, by omission or commission, this effectively removes any jeopardy to the Constitution for the outstanding grievance sought by the annulment; and,

The people have already exercised their authority for each of these steps purported by the founding fathers to be in the people's authority, following the federal government's rejection of petition in Continental Congress.  The Speaker of the House is not able to serve as President.  In this case, the people have already chosen a President by Recall and Lien, though obstructed, is Stephen L. Rush.  Higher laws have changed the Articles in the Constitution, and with it, the office of the President.  The right to vote, and the power to enforce it, is absolute.

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Further Study In Support

Click here for additional documents (in summary and detail).  Click here to contribute financially to the cause (hey, we gotta ask).  




3.   Letter to Bushrod Washington, 1787.

4.   Letter to James Madison, December 20, 1787.

5.   Ryerson, Richard Alan. "Like A Hare Before The Hunters: John Adams and the Idea of a Republican Monarchy", Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical SocietyMassachusetts Historical SocietyThird Series, Vol. 107 (1995). Pgs. 16-29.


*Deep State, as used here, is referring to rogue elements inside government brought on by runaway policies that invite deepening police state conditions, technically not a party or individual person.  In this case, President Trump is attempting to erode civil liberties while refusing to be subject to law himself.

Political Spectrum by Scale and Politic.png
Effort to remove President Trump by constitutional levy, annul his election by tenth amendment powers of the people and recall special election based on the founding fathers George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jeffereson rather than a conventional process to impeach using a process co-authored by Robert Reich and Stephen L Rush. #AnnulTrump



We The People.

It is Our Heritage, Our Right, Our Fight  ~  For Freedom.

Because YOUR Civil Liberties Matter!

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