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Will of the People Constitutional Authority Board

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(909)735-2308 (cell)

About The Design

The agency chose to complete the pyramid with a capstone, continuing the imagery of the Founding Fathers - having a pear tree for wisdom, a thumbless guiding hand representing a movement away from oppression, and a motto that translates, "Order Comes from Equitable Acts."

Press Releases

First Federal Recall Challenges Governmental Powers
Stephen L. Rush Thinks He Is President, Fires Congress

UPDATE TO RELEASE, 03/10                                                   Stephen L. Rush

November 16, 2013                                                                    (909)735-2308



SAN BERNARDINO, CA – NOVEMBER 15, 2013 (PRB) – The people have officially recalled most of Congress including the Vice President, who presides over the Senate, along with the President, and the Chief Justice.  The Speaker of the House is fired without pay, retroactively since elections filing this Summer on September 20.


The Tenth Amendment gives powers to the people that are not vested in the federal government.  Stephen Rush believes the Declaration of Independence specifically gives the people the authority to enforce their rights, revoke powers delegated to the federal government, and use consent powers whenever needed to preserve life and defend the Constitution.


According to papers filed with San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters, the Will of the People has imposed those powers on a government at odds with the Constitution.


“All three branches of the federal government have refused the petitions on the part of the people – so, they are in contempt of the Constitution,” he said, referring to the Continental Congress of 2012.  Rush added, “The United States government is attempting to set up oppressive corporate rule at the expense of an otherwise prosperous middle-class.”  This recall is in response to the government ignoring the pleas of Occupiers and Tea Partiers, numerous letters and notices, an official petition of the people approved in Continental Congress, and legal papers served on the Supreme Court in May.


Mr. Rush declared that “to undermine the Constitution”, as the government has done, “by restricting the will of the people for erosion of due process”, was “treasonous”.


Stephen L. Rush is using a process devised by George Washington.  Mr. Rush restated, “The Founding Fathers said, ‘People have the right to take back their government and to keep it.’”


He went on to say, “The power of the people supercedes the privilege of Congress, to expel members by impeachment and other redelegated powers, such as supreme original jurisdiction of the Court known as quo warranto.”


Those in Congress who are not new, Senators serving more than one term and Representatives serving more than two, are officially recalled.  The Recall is to take place Jan. 14, 2014.  Rush went on to say how this “all plays out” saying, “Because the people have suspended all authority of federal government, the Recall will remain in effect ‘til a constitutionally authorized president is installed.’”  The people have reserved that right.


UPDATE: Stephen Rush received the popular vote Jan 14, sworn in Feb 13, 2015.






After a career in accounting working at giants like GE Aircraft, Countrywide and M&M/Mars, and Chief Financial Officer for a heavy civil construction contractor in Los Angeles, Mr. Rush went a new way.  He invented an integrated bio-fuel production process using less energy while producing greater yield than conventional systems.  Rush, as its CEO, led the business came to be known as 3F Biofuels.


In the community, Stephen Rush has stood for economic rights of the middle-class before when working on the team for No on Prop 23, in 2009 (a proposal to ease environmental restrictions on the economy).  He also led the charge against Prop 32, 2010, (a proposal to roll-back environmental law), and ran for Governor as a second-tier Democratic candidate (per CWVA).  


Stephen also presented an alternate proposal for State of South California, 2011 to expose the version attempting to overthrow the state constitution by seceding from the North through corrupt gerrymandering and a corporate lackey legislature.  He has participated as an Occupier in Occupy Redlands and was a Continental Congress 2.0 Delegate in 2012.  Stephen led Main Street Suffrage Movement think-tank committee as its President, and was the primary writer for the recall legal process.


We The People.

It is Our Heritage, Our Right, Our Fight  ~  For Freedom.

Because YOUR Civil Liberties Matter!

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